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Welcome! Does this sound like you?

As an adult, you are beginning to realize that your childhood wasn’t “just normal”. You left a high control religious environment. You got away from total chaos in your family. Or maybe you were rejected when you came out or didn’t believe what the church taught you. Either way, you thought you could just move on but you can’t.This experience has left you totally destabilized. It feels like anxiety and depression are tag teaming. You don’t know who you are anymore. You feel so alone. All of your friends who didn’t have this experience just don’t get it. At the very least you just want to feel normal but what even is that?

You Deserve To Have the Life You Want

Imagine that you not only experience calm and peace, you also feel good about yourself. You no longer are bound by the belief system, shame messages or family patterns you were raised in. Instead you feel free. You feel confident. You have tapped into your inner resilience. You feel empowered and connected to who you are more than ever. 

From my professional experience as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist as well as my lived experience as a queer woman and survivor of religious trauma, I know this is possible. Combining my expertise in trauma and my clients’ expertise in their unique life we work together to heal what distress has gotten stored in the body. From there, we transform that into a meaningful, authentic, and empowered life. It is possible to move past your past. 

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"Believing you are unworthy of love and belonging — that who you are authentically is a sin or is wrong — is deadly. Who you are is beautiful and amazing." 

- Laverne Cox

Does this sound like you? If so, I Can Help!

  • Anxiety or panic is your normal, it's rare to feel calm or peaceful.
  • You've left an organized religion and don't know who you are now.
  • The coping tools you were taught as a kid or in church just don’t work for you anymore.
  • As an adult, you now realize you grew up in a toxic or abusive family, church, or community.
  • You are exploring your sexual or gender identity and it's bringing up harmful messages from your home, community, or society.
  • You and your partner(s)* have changed. Your connection is growing distant. Life has shifted things. You want to feel the closeness you once had again. 
  • You and your partner(s)* are stuck in the same patterns of conflict

*This is a kink and poly friendly practice.

Therapy Can Help: 

  • Give you the coping tools to work through anxiety and panic to create calm
  • Process the way distress is stored in the body so it no longer pops up taking you by surprise.
  • Provide you a space to explore who you are and what you want in life to create new meaning and purpose.
  • Offer support for navigating family of origin difficulties.
  • You explore your sexuality and/or gender with compassion and nonjudgment to increase self-esteem.
  • Reconnect you and your partner(s) so that conflict now brings depth and closeness you never thought possible.

The Nerdy Stuff About Sarah Kate Wilder, LMFT

Sarah Kate Wilder has counseled individuals and couples for the past decade. She received her Master’s in Education at the University of Florida in Marriage & Family Therapy. She began her career specializing in trauma work in child welfare. Then she shifted to provided psychotherapy in private practice for adults wanting to move past their past. Her practice is online serving people in Florida, Colorado, and Idaho. Sarah Kate is an EMDR practitioner. Additionally, she has provided education in trauma treatment, Ethical Non-Monogamy, and using yoga for healing purposes. She was trained in Alignment-Based Vinyasa Yoga for her 200-hour certification.

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What people are saying about Sarah Kate:

"Sarah Kate embodies compassion and understanding. She empowers clients to live their fullest lives. I deeply trust Sarah Kate to provide a safe space for those who have longed for a place to be accepted and understood."

Alea Wise, LMHC, RPT, NCC

"Sarah Kate is an exceptional therapist and person. She cares deeply about herwork with clients on their journey towards healing. She approaches counseling with warmth, safety, and hope."

Blake Butterfield, M.Ed./Ed.S.

"Not only is Sarah Kate a phenomenal trauma therapist, but she is also a warm, kind, genuine, and open person. Sarah Kate is invested in her clients and creates a space free of judgment where people can be themselves. I never hesitate to refer clients to Sarah Kate, as I know they will receive the kind of care I would want for myself and my loved ones."

Debbie Weiss Hatfiel, M.Ed./Ed.S., LMHC