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Vision, Mission, & Culture


Helping adults transform their suffering from trauma so they can live meaningful, authentic, & empowered lives.


We are committed to transforming the lives of adults who have experienced childhood and religious trauma so they can live meaningful, authentic, and empowered lives. We achieve this through providing excellent trauma informed therapeutic services that honor each person's identities, history, and unique self. We center felt safety, empathy, & compassion.


Compassion- We approach our work and each other with openness, curiosity, and kindness assuming the best of each other. We offer each other and ourselves compassion, believing we are all innately worthy.

Growth- We strive to always grow in our expertise of trauma- systemic, generational, and individual. We continue to expand our knowledge in an attempt to provide the highest quality of care to individuals and the community. We continue to grow as a business to reach the people that will benefit from our services and provide excellence to our communities.

Equity- We practice equity through respect, inclusion, and always working on our blindspots as individuals and as a system. We practice openness re. compensation, providing opportunities for growth, hiring clinicians from diverse backgrounds, and implementing continual training re. discrimination, BIPOC experiences, and culturally competent care.

Mindfulness- We strive to practice intentional awareness. We nonjudgmentally observe what we are experiencing in order to take the most intentional and vulnerable steps in addressing day to day tasks, challenges, mistakes, and miscommunications.

Empowerment- We know that it is not our job to do the work for each other or our clients. Therefore we aim to provide excellent resources, tools, and therapeutic services to empower our clients and each other in health and wellness. We believe that when one of us steps into our power and embraces their authentic self, we all benefit. We inspire, celebrate and empower each other to be our best selves!

Trust- We aim to build a culture of trust by aligning our words and actions, and practicing BRAVING (as coined by Brene' Brown).