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Sarah Kate Wilder, LMFT

Helping adults transform their suffering from trauma so they can live meaningful, authentic, & empowered lives.

You being here and researching therapy is courageous. Change is scary. And if you’re looking at my profile because I specialize in religious and childhood trauma, you’ve already been doing brave hard things by surviving the hardships and traumas you’ve experienced. You may feel afraid of unpacking the past because you don’t know where it will lead. 

Braving your past can create freedom in your present and future.

I honor that fear because it’s trying to protect you. And I know that braving your past means it can no longer control your present and future. It is possible to heal from trauma. I know this both from witnessing it first hand with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years as well as from my own story of braving my history and finding my authentic self.

My Story

I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a therapist. In fact, I didn’t know therapy existed. I grew up in a very religious home where my entire identity was shaped around becoming what the church taught me to be. 

If you have experienced high control religion you know this to be true- it’s a nuanced experience. While I have many positive memories, I was also taught that there were scary consequences to believing or doing the wrong things. Out of a need for belonging and survival from a terrifying fate, my worth became tied to perfectionism. This led to becoming less and less of who I was and more and more of who others wanted me to be. 

I felt constant shame and anxiety.

I truly believed “I’m not good enough” because I was taught I was inherently evil from birth. I didn’t try to get to know who I was or what I wanted in life because the script of who I should be as a woman was outlined for me clearly. 

In my twenties, I began having experiences where the beliefs I was taught weren’t adding up. I began to question things. And those questions led to more questions. And then what I call “the unraveling”.

The unraveling was not an empowering experience of brilliantly and confidently stepping into my truth. It was painful, confusing, and scary. It’s not about replacing  just a few specific beliefs. It’s an erasure of the entire way I saw myself and how the world worked. 

Just like choosing the red pill over the blue pill (or the birkenstock over the high heel, hello Barbie movie), I could no longer return to the illusion of what I knew before. I needed a new way of coping. New tools and resources. Enter my therapist. 

This was my turning point.

I began to learn new ways of coping with the anxiety, shame, and existential dread I was experiencing. But more importantly, my therapist gave me the gift of holding space for me to explore what I believed to be true. 

She didn’t indoctrinate me or tell me what to believe. She empowered me to go through the grief and the trauma in my way. I began to discover who I was instead of who I was taught to be. 

I learned how to be with the anxiety. 

I began to sit with the existential questions that arose from my beliefs changing. The religious guilt and shame began to lift.

Now I know how to do the continual work of addressing my own religious trauma, fear, and shame. I know how to shift away from that "I'm not good enough" message to a place of self compassion that even in my messiness "I am worthy, right here, right now". I am proud of my story and the person I am becoming.    

You Too Can Move Through

As a trauma specialized counselor, my expertise centers on how our bodies hold harmful experiences and beliefs. In the hundreds of hours of specialized training following earning my license, I have continued to grow in the most up to date trauma informed approaches out there. I believe everyone has the ability to reprocess their past to become their authentic self instead of who traumatic experiences taught them to be. 

I am passionate about helping people from diverse backgrounds overcome the harmful messages they were given. I am committed to my own growth work based on my lived experiences and identities. I am a cis woman, white, pansexual, polyamorous, deconstructing evangelical christianity, grew up in Florida, holding body privilege both in size and ability, Highly Sensitive Person and ever evolving human. 

I highly value holding space and affirming the intersectional identities of each person or family I counsel. The context of your story and the identities you hold matter. 

I offer online counseling where you can explore your backstory in a private judgement-free space. I am licensed in three states- Colorado, Florida, and Idaho- and can see anyone in these locations.    

It can be scary to face your past and the harmful messages you were given. The hopeful news is that when we do, we can shift from victim to author of our story and our life. Shame researcher Brene' Brown says:

"You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness."

Together, I hope to create a space to hold the harm, shame, and anxiety in a way that allows you to move through it unbound by your past, free to own your story and your worthiness. Like in my story, if you too find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place and are ready to brave the past, click below for your free 20 minute phone consultation to see if I'm a good fit for you.   

My Credentials For My Fellow Psychology Nerds


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Florida License: MT 3573

Colorado License: MFT.0002114

Idaho License: LMFT-9067


EMDR-trained Therapist

Yoga Instructor- 200 hr

Adoption Specialist

In continual training for Internal Family Systems

Treatment approaches



LGBTQ+ Affirming

Attachment Theory

Narrative Therapy

Mindfulness Based 

Somatic Techniques

Random Fun Facts About Me

I am a Highly Sensitive Person. Most of the time it feels like a super power that I get to feel things so deeply. But I also can get overstimulated in loud chaotic environments so I’ve learned how to manage that

The ocean is my go-to peaceful place meditation image. I grew up in Florida not far from the water and moved to Denver, CO in 2021. I even have a tattoo of the ocean because of how significant an image it is for me. 

My anchor partner and I met while in High Control Religion. We have grown and evolved together for over a decade. I’ve learned so much about myself from our connection. Now we both identify as queer and out of High Control Religion. What a total shift!

I taught yoga throughout my twenties and I still love teaching when I can. Learning to connect with my body through movement was life-changing for me.

I have been described as a femme bro and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I love lifting heavy, I watch basketball (usually the NBA) to decompress, and I go through various SciFi interests- fantasy novels, DND podcasts, Star Wars shows, etc

Aside from watching every nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough, I love me a cartoon moment. My most recent favorites are Avatar, the Last Airbender and Bob's Burgers.

The Nitty Gritty

What You Can Expect Working With Me

As a therapist I take a specialized, collaborative and holistic approach. To offer a contrast, therapists who work with anyone will listen and reflect and it kind of stops there. This can be a good fit for some people. I, on the other hand, focus on working specifically with people braving their past and wanting to do deeper trauma work so that I not only listen and reflect but also will bring my expertise to the table. 

You are the expert of your life and I have over a decade of trauma specialized training. So we will bring both of our expertise to the table to find what helps you move through and forward in the direction you want to be going. You deserve a specialized approach and not another sounding board. 

So if you’ve felt discouraged by therapists just agreeing with you or keeping things focused on just the present and not helping you go deeper in your self understanding, I’m here to help. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a research proven technique that helps people reprocess their past. I am continually in training for Internal Family Systems, another technique that helps people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and know how to respond outside of the therapy office.

My practice is entirely online so that you can do therapy in the comfort of your home or wherever is convenient for you. I am licensed in three states- Colorado, Florida, and Idaho. This means we can work together if you are located in any one of these states. You deserve specialized support to tap into your own healing capacity and live your authentic life. 

If you’ve gotten this far and resonated, I’m betting we are a good fit. So take the next step. I offer a complimentary phone consultation for you to feel certain going into the first session that I am the right fit for you. Click below to get started.

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